Turkey Lettuce Wraps

Turkey Lettuce Wraps.JPG

Undoubtedly the best thing P.F. Chang's has ever done for the American public is introduce them to lettuce wraps. These are better than Chang’s, IMHO. Turkey makes a leaner alternative to chicken and the sauce is so simple and addictive.

Serves 4.


·      1 lb ground turkey

·      ½ lb white mushrooms-cleaned and finely chopped

·      ½ lb scallions-thinly sliced, green and white parts separated

·      ½ cup water chestnuts- finely chopped

·      1 large piece of fresh ginger-peeled and minced

·      4 cloves of garlic-minced

·      3 tablespoons sriracha

·      3 tablespoons hoisin sauce

·      2 tablespoons soy sauce

·      2 tablespoons rice wine vinegar

·      2 tablespoons honey

·      2 tablespoons vegetable oil

·      2 tablespoons sesame oil

·      1 head butter lettuce-leaves separated



·      cilantro

·      freshly ground peanuts

·      sriracha


1.     In a bowl, combine 2 tablespoons ginger, 2 tablespoons garlic, sriracha, hoisin, soy, rice wine vinegar, honey and vegetable oil. Stir to create a sauce.

2.     Add sesame oil to a pan and bring to medium high heat.

3.     To the pan, add ground turkey, mushrooms and two tablespoons of the sauce. Cook 2 minutes.

4.     Add scallion whites and remaining ginger and garlic to the pan. Cook until aromatic, about 1 minute.

5.     Once the turkey has browned, add water chestnuts and remaining sauce. Stir to combine and cook until sauce has reduced, about 4 minutes.

6.     Stir in the scallion greens.

7.     Serve warm with lettuce leaves and garnish with cilantro, peanuts and sriracha.