Dark & Stormy

Dark and stormy.jpg

For me a Dark and Stormy will always remind me of two things; my family and the beach. We drink them whenever we’re on vacation and the taste alone brings me a little summer joy. I always use Gosling’s ginger beer and rum, it’s the best around. This recipe is super simple, but I like to jazz it up by garnishing with a piece of crystalized ginger.

Serves 2.


·      3 ounces Goslings Dark Rum

·      6 ounces Goslings Ginger Beer

·      1 lime

·      2 pieces crystalized ginger


1.     Fill two old fashioned glasses with ice. Squeeze the juice of half a lime in to both glasses.

2.     Fill each glass ¾ full with ginger beer. Gently pour the dark rum over the ice to create a floater.

3.     Using a tooth pick, skewer a lime wedge and a piece of crystalized ginger. Lay the garnish across the glass, serve cold.